How much of your marketing is driven by storyboards? Today, rising above the competitive content deluge means you need to stand out in a way that pulls people in… that attracts attention instead of interrupting it. That means telling more stories rather than forcing content in front of people’s eyeballs. Using storyboards to visualize paths and message delivery means you’re keeping your web visitor’s needs front and center — it requires a more disciplined approach than simply typing words on a page.

Web marketing is more like creating and launching a tv show these days. You no longer have a “target market”… you have an audience. Success is not necessarily measured by “clicks”… it’s measured by numbers and quality of subscribers.

The way you tell stories matters. How much of your stories involve a bunch of this…

[infinite words with downtrodden unhappy person reading them]

Or maybe this…

[terrible powerpoint crap with same unhappy person]

Instead of this…

[animated “here’s how we solve this problem – visual demo for solving this problem” visually, happy person”

People need help. There’s so much information and so many solutions to problems they don’t have.

[butch cassidy: “The total tonnage of what you don’t know” meme]