It’s easy to explain something if you have an hour — it’s much harder to do it well in 90 seconds, but that is what your customers want. Give them what they want.


Explainer videos are short stories that explain a product, process or company concept in a simple brief audio-video presentation. They are often designed to illustrate how a particular solution solves a particular problem. Done properly, they are a great way to explain complicated things in a very short span of time.

Here is a recent Intellegy explainer video that was created for the Read to Me Project in Salinas, California. The Read to Me Project works with teachers and families to better prepare pre-kindergarteners for their first day of school.

The New Attention Deficit Normal

Your audience has very little patience for things that don’t interest them. Your webpage… your video… your blog post better grab their attention in the first 8 seconds or it’s…. click. A recent Microsoft study shows that goldfish have longer attention spans than your audience.


At 60 Seconds… Half Your Audience is Gone

Furthermore, you better not take to long to make your point. People don’t tend to hang around for very long according to another study by TubeMogul.


Explainer videos also can help your business drive higher awareness with content marketing and improved search engine results. If your explainer video strikes a chord with a web visitor, it’s easy to share them via social media or email.

Please let us know if you are interested in developing your own explainer video.