People like stories… not marketing (or marketers). Stories are probably best told in person, but if you happen to be communicating via computer-tablet–phone devices then it’s best to use motion storytelling. Humans are naturally attracted to things that move. That’s why people spend more time on web pages with videos and motion graphics.


Adding motion to your marketing assets doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. There are simple straightforward ways to tell your story in a visual way that builds understanding, trust and community. Intellegy can help you plan, create, and execute an effective content marketing strategy that grows your audience, generates leads and new business. Intellegy was founded by Rob Rustad, a full stack marketer who has has been helping both large and small companies solve business growth challenges for over 20 years.


We partner with clients to accelerate business results through improved demand generation, tracking, and product fit. The following is a list of clients and companies we have worked with.


In addition to a long list of technology companies, we have worked with a number of non-profits including the Literacy Campaign for Monterey County and the Read To Me Project.

In every engagement, our goal is to deliver significant and measurable value to our clients’ bottomline. We work hard to develop trust and long-term relationships — becoming a trusted partner who can instantly take on quick pinch-hit or extended projects with very little notice or ramp time.

Intellegy Can Help

Intellegy helps companies tell their story online and builds inbound revenue engines. We’re based in the San Francisco bay area, but we work globally.